2020 Board, Committee, Ministry and Mission Listings

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Administrative Board Contact
Chairperson Tom Trotter
Pastor David Lord
Cemetery Committee Spencer Tinsley
Council On Ministries Lynda Imirie
Delegate Annual Conference Larry Broomall
Endowment Larry Broomall
Finance Lisa Hobbs
Financial Secretary Helene Mullins
Financial Secretary Carolyn Kidd
Financial Secretary Donna Broomall
Information Technology Ron Fazler
Lay Leader TBD
Lay Leadership Pastor David Lord
PSPR Dick At Lee
Preschool Board Robin At Lee
Secty to Admin Board Karen Simmerman
Treasurer Marty Bowers
Trustees Bill Koontz
UMM, President Jerry Zachman
UMW, President Lynda Imirie
Member at Large Viola Crouch
Member at Large Gavin Hager
Administrative Board Committees
Chairperson Spencer Tinsley
Pastor David Lord
Secretary Sandra Burriss
Member at Large Joe Hicks
Member at Large Kirby Richardson
Member at Large Kurt Schoenburg
Memorial Gardens Lynda Imirie
Landscape Coordinator TBD
Trustee Chrp Bill Koontz
Chairperson Larry Broomall
Vice Chair Stuart Woodford
Pastor David Lord
Treasurer Marty Bowers
Administrative Board Tom Trotter
Finance Carolyn Kidd
Finance Lisa Hobbs
Trustee Bill Koontz
Stewardship Harry Simmerman
Member at Large Loa Ztanze
Chairperson Lisa Hobbs
Pastor David Lord
Administrative Board Tom Trotter
Delegate Annual Conference Larry Broomall
Finance Secretary Helene Mullins
Finance Secretary Donna Broomall
Finance Secretary Carolyn Kidd
Stewardship Harry Simmerman
Endowment Larry Broomall
Lay Leader TBD
PSPR, Chairperson Dick At Lee
Treasurer Marty Bowers
Trustee Bill Koontz
Member at Large Bob LeMasters
Member at Large John O’Neil
Member at Large Lake Frazier
Chairperson Harry Simmerman
Member Ann Marie Smith
Chairperson Dick At Lee
Lay Leader TBD
Delegate Annual Conf Larry Broomall
Delagate Annual Conf David Lord
Class of 2019 Will Nocera
Class of 2020 Pat Freeman
Class of 2020 Holly Kalp
Class of 2021 Harry Simmerman
Class of 2021 Bill Farley
Class of 2021 TBD
Chairperson Robin At Lee
Administrative Board Tom Trotter
Children’s Ministries Tad Parker
PSPR Dick At Lee
Director of Preschool Kara Sensenig
Member at Large Becky Camden
Member at Large Sue Gallagher
Member at Large Lisa Hobbs
Member at Large Karen DeBord
Pastor David Lord
Parent Representative (4’s) Lindsey Coley
Parent Representative (3’s) Heather Cornett
Parent Representative (2’s) Lindsey Woods
STAFF: Head Teacher 2’s Tricia Wilkens
STAFF: Asst. Teacher 2’s Stacy Bresson
STAFF: Head Teacher 3’s Karen Smith
STAFF: Asst. Teacher 3’s Missy Gray
STAFF: Head Teacher 4’s Billie Jean Elmer
STAFF: Asst. Teacher 4’s Brittany Malicoat
Chairperson Bill Koontz
Secretary Carolyn Kidd
Pastor David Lord
Class of 2019 Joe Crouch
Class of 2019 Jim Woodford
Class of 2020 Larry Kalp
Class of 2020 Tommy Cayton
Class of 2020 Larry Whitmer
Class of 2021 Marty Bowers
Class of 2021 Helene Mullins
Cemetery Committee Chair Spencer Tinsley
Chairperson Rick Carroll
Pastor David Lord
Secretary Donna Broomall
Administrative Board, Chair Tom Trotter
Council On Ministries Lynda Imirie
Trustee Chair Bill Koontz
Lay Leader TBD
Member TBD
Member TBD
Member TBD
Chairperson Lynda Imirie
Secretary to COMM Judy Frailing
Children’s Ministries Tad Parker
Children & Youth Maegan Mitchell
Christian Education Linda Beard
Communications Lynda Imirie
Congregational Care Kathy Fazler
Evangelism Susan Tinsley
Fellowship Ministries Harry Simmerman
Fellowship Ministries Bart Frankena
Green Team Gini Milne
Hospitality Marty Bowers
Lay Leader TBD
Membership Linda Beard
Missions Carolyn Koontz
Music Committee Robbie Downy
Post High Ministries Billie Jean Elmer
Runk & Pratt Mike Casey
Stewardship Harry Simmerman
Stephen Ministry Larry Broomall
Worship Committee Billie Jean Elmer
Council On Ministries Committees
Chairperson Tad Parker
Chairperson Linda Beard
Pastor David Lord
Secretary Robin At Lee
Children’s Ministry Tad Parker
Children’s Classes RoJane Chandler–Bond
Children, Youth Ministry Maegan Mitchell
Adult Small Groups / SS Don Kelso
Library Linda Beard
Disciple Studies Linda Beard
Wonderful Wednesday Randy & Becky Camden
Wonderful Wednesday Bill Hamilton
Education Librarian Vickie Steffens
Member at Larger Robbie Craig
Member at Large Martha Tyree
Member at Large John Wohlgemuth
Chairperson Lynda Imirie
Member Karen DeBord
Member Karen DeLaCroix
Member Tad Parker
facebook Deb Broadwater
Website Harry Simmerman
Website Ron Fazler
Website Don Blanchard
Chairperson Kathy Fazler
(C1) Bonnie Conradi, Ann Short
(C2) Judy Frailing, Lynda Imirie
(C3) Sandra Richardson
(C4) Sandra Burriss, Ann Marie Smith
(C6) Phyllis Morris
(C7) Holly Smith
(C8) Dolly Carroll, Gail Ulp
(C9) Gini Milne, Sandy Kelso
(C10) Mike/Joanna Casey, Bev Sann
(C11) Pat Cliborne, Beth Wohlgemuth
(C12) Doris Neudorfer, Nancy Trotter
Chairperson Susan Tinsley
Pastor David Lord
Associate Pastor Susan Hughes
Member Sally Heffernon
Member Bart Frankena
Member Linda Beard
Member Lynda Imirie
Member Larry Broomall
Member Burt Holm
Co-Chairmen Harry Simmerman
Co-Chairmen Bart Frankena
Chairperson Gini Milne
Member Audrey Benda
Member Judy Frailing
Member Sandy Kelso
Member Don Kelso
Member Deb Broadwater
Member Arlene Pecoraro
Member Ruth Frankena
Member Lynda Imirie
Member Ann Marie Smith
Member Donna Broomall
Member Sandra Richardson
Member Alan Milne
Member Kathy Fazler
Member Ron Fazler
Chairperson Linda Beard
Chairperson Carolyn Koontz
Pastor David Lord
Associate Pastor Susan Hughes
Member Rick Carroll
Member Nelson Cline
Member Terri Shea
Member Harry Simmerman
Member Bill Koontz
Member Bill Farley
Member Judy Frailing
Organist–Choir Director Robert Downey
Choir Representative Connie LaMasters
Pianist Robin Zimmerman
Bell Choir Susan Whitney
Chairperson Billie Jean Elmer
Member Sue Coryell
Member Loa Ztanze
Member Robbie Craig
Member Robyn Holmes
Member Kathleen Nettnin
Chairperson Billie Jean Elmer
Pastor David Lord
Associate Pastor Susan Hughes
Acolytes RoJane Chandler–Bond
Altar Guild Arlene Pecoraro
Banners Donna Broomall
Liturgist Susan Whitney
Communion Joan Jackson
Music Committee Representative Robbie Downey
Ushers – 8:30 John Whitney
Ushers – 11:00 Gavin Hager
Greeters Susan Tinsley