Szeged Mission Trip

Building Relationships in Szeged Hungary

The Catch Program was about building relationships and welcoming people into our circle of friends and our church.  When we go to Szeged, we find a congregation who welcomes us with open arms and open hearts.  What joy and love we find.  And while we speak different languages and have different customs, we are one body in Christ while we are there and when we communicate with each other.

We are looking forward to our trip to Szeged in late July-early August.  Our team of youth and adults include:  Shannon Richardson, Kelly Richardson, Lauren Farmer, Michaela Farmer, Cameron Bigart, Susan Hughes and Chuck Davis.  Our youth will need some financial help to make the trip to Szeged since some will be attending college this coming fall.   Therefore, the youth are once again selling stock certificates in The Bethlehem United Methodist Youth Company to help fund their trip.  We ask for your help to make this important trip possible.  They will be teaching conversational English to children and adults.  Szeged has also asked that we help with some much-needed Szeged Church repairs, and we ask for donations to help with those repairs.  Their church was built in 1929 and like Bethlehem, repairs are needed from time to time.

Please INVEST in this team by purchasing stock certificates for  Youth and our Sister Church in Hungary.