Adopt a Bushel, Feed a Nation

Society of St. Andrew

Adopt a yummy fruit or veggie to support the gleaning and feeding work of the Society of St. Andrew!

Each of the 36 fruits or veggies included in your Adopt a Bushel kit is marked with a specific dollar value. This dollar value represents a HUGE quantity of that fruit or vegetable that the Society of St. Andrew can share with hungry people right here in the United States, when you give.

All of these fruits and veggies are ones that Society of St. Andrew gleaning volunteers glean or recover and share during a typical year.  Choose the fruit, vegetable, or simply the giving level you prefer. Mark your name and phone number on the list at the Adopt a Bushel table in the narthex, along with   the type of fruit or vegetable you’ve selected and the dollar amount you will give or raise. The dollar amount should correspond to what’s marked on the fruit or vegetable, and be that amount or some multiple of it.

Take your fruit or vegetable home with you, along with the Fruit or Veggie Profile Sheet you will find at the table. Learn more about the food you’ve selected, about the Society of St. Andrew, and just how much of that fruit or veggie your gift will share.

How will you make your Adoption Contribution?

  • Donate the money yourself;
  • Invite a friend to go halfsies with you; or
  • Raise MULTIPLES of the amount you’ve pledged by telling others about the challenge and inviting them to join in, too!

 When you’ve raised the money you pledged (or on the date given by the Project Leader), bring back the fruit or vegetable, ALONG WITH the funds you’ve raised or are donating. While each of us does a small part, each bushel adopted for $806 will share about $14,375 worth of food!