BUMC Wonderful Wednesday

WW classes will begin on January 12 at 6:30.

There will be no meals served in January.

They will be added at a future date.


Wonderful Wednesday Grand Re-Opening

Dates: January 12- April 6 (12 weeks)

ONLINE REGISTRATION  (see below class offerings)

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Everyone young and old is invited to join in 12 weeks of fun, fellowship, discussion, and study. Enjoy a light meal (voluntary donation) served promptly at 6PM, followed by music worship and small group classes for adults and children ending at 8PM. Nursery provided.

Offerings Include:

ALPHA (12 weeks): If you’ve ever wanted to ask some of the big questions of life in an open, small group space without judgement, then try Alpha! The Alpha Course offers a variety of talks on big issues around faith designed to engage guests and inspire conversation. Who is Jesus? How can I have faith? How do I make the most of the rest of my life? These are some of the topics we will explore. Curious?…Try Alpha! Faciliatator: David Lord

When God Doesn’t Fix It (5 weeks) and So Long Normal (5 weeks):  Laura Story examines what happens when life doesn’t turn out as expected and offers reassurance that although the situation may never get better, we can grow because of it….not because of faith, but because  of the faithfulness of God. So Long Normal guides us to leave behind the idols of comfort, caution, and routine so we can live strong and well, even when life takes an unexpected turn. Laura weaves personal stories with examples of scripture. Losing our normal may be the beginning of a new adventure with God. Facilitator: Deb Broadwater. Note: This is a Hybrid Class

Grateful Aging Safely and F.I.T.T Program (12 weeks):  Nine steps designed to encourage healthy, mindful and meaningful aging. FITT stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise. These are four elements to consider when one creates workouts that fit your goals and fitness level. Join Dr. Alina Dawson and her Full Distance assistants to assist you for twelve weeks at Bethlehem! Like her on Facebook @fulldistancestudio to learn more. Don’t let the word exercise scare you away. Alina can assist with posturing, how to safely stretch your body. Chairs will be used during stretching. No floor exercise! Facilitator: Dr. Alina Dawson, PT

New Men’s “Fellaship” Small Group:  Calling men of all ages and at any stage of their faith journey with Jesus Christ.  Whether you are married, single, have a young family, adult children, active in the faith and/or just getting started, this group is for you.  This small group will be informal and have a flexible agenda based on the interests and availability of our group (in person and virtual meetings anticipated).  We will have faith-based discussions and perhaps take on a mission project. Most importantly, we meet weekly to discuss life’s challenges living the life of a Christian today while enjoying each other’s company.  Facilitator:  Ryan Tinsley     Questions?   Email: rst.geotech_07@yahoo.com   Call or text: 804-212-5236

Getting Ahead (16 weeks):  BUMC has partnered with LCM to once again be able to offer this class called “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World”. This course is designed for those struggling to make ends meet, living in unstable and stressful situations, and who are in poverty, to become more financially stable, take control of their lives and get ahead. An application process is required. (Contact Susan Hughes for more information via LCM or BUMC). Facilitator: Rusty MacMullan

Children and Youth classes will be offered during this time. Please sign up your children and/or youth.


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