Earth Day 2020

Let’s celebrate “Earth Day” every day this month, by choosing to be thankful to our Creator for all His creation.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started; see how many you can check off by month’s end……

  • Listen for a bird’s song
  • read / sing the words to “Hymn of Promise”
  • recycle, reuse, reduce  something, everything!!
  • take a shorter shower
  • watch a sunset
  • look at the clouds in the sky
  • read Genesis 1:1-2:3
  • use less plastic – bags, bottles, straws, etc.
  • visit a local park
  • hug a tree
  • read Psalm 8
  • watch a sunrise
  • ask someone what their favorite part of nature is
  • notice five birds/ animals/plants and how they are wonderfully made
  • draw in the dirt
  • meditate on the words to “This is My Father’s World”.
  • read Psalm 104; take a walk
  • feel the breeze
  • read a poem about nature
  • visit and marvel at the universe
  • purchase an organic food product
  • stargaze
  • sit still outside for five minutes
  • pay special attention to the “smells” of nature
  • plant something
  • google “endangered species”
  • take a picture of a flower up close
  • read Psalm 23 outside
  • sing/pray the words to “How Great Thou Art”.

Brought to you by your BUMC Green Team.