Earth Day 2021

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Earth Day, April 22, is the day set aside every year for all humans to celebrate our home, planet earth. The purpose of Earth Day is to bring awareness to the beauty of the earth, and to inspire and encourage us to make choices and take action to become better stewards of Creation. What can you do today, or this month, to honor and celebrate this amazing home God has given us? A lot of people like to plant a tree for Earth Day. Cleaning up litter and recycling is always a good way to honor the earth. Maybe try to reduce your energy use, drive less, reduce your carbon footprint. We can all find something to do to take better care of the earth.

To celebrate April as Earth Month, and Earth Day on the 22nd, the Green Team is offering for your enjoyment a selection of YouTube videos throughout the month. Some are very short; some are a little longer. We hope you enjoy watching them, gain a greater appreciation for the wonders of God’s Creation, and maybe learn something you didn’t already know about our beautiful Mother Earth.


YouTubes for viewing during April, 2021 to celebrate Earth Month :

  1. What is Earth Day
  2. Earth Day 2021


  1. Save the Planet song
  2. The Beatitudes Inspired by Laudato Si, (3:34)


  1. (7:31) I’m Just One Person, What can I do?
  2. Let Science Speak, by Katharine Hayhoe (5-minute video)


  1. Do the Math. View the (2-minute video)
  2. Anniversary of Earth Day


  1. The Story of Stuff, with Annie Leonard (21-minute video)


  1. A Prayer for Our Earth, from Laudato Si