Epiphany Star 2021

How to receive your Epiphany Star………

January 3rd is Epiphany Sunday, which marks the end of the Christmas season according to the church calendar.  It symbolizes the arrival of the wise men after their long journey to find the new-born king of the Jews following a star of extraordinary light to show them the way.

It is our custom at Bethlehem to offer you your very own Epiphany star to guide you closer to the King throughout the coming year.  Instead of choosing a star from a passed basket as we usually have done, we are asking you to pick a number from 1 to 265.  Each number corresponds with a word which will illuminate and/or help you discover new ways to reflect God’s love to others.

Enter your number selection along with your name and the home address to which you would like your actual star mailed.

Whatever your star happens to be, pray for understanding as to the spiritual direction it is leading you to follow.