Pastor Appreciation

Celebrating Pastor Appreciation Month

“Why We Love David Lord”


“Over the years, we’ve experienced the “parade of pastors” in the Methodist tradition.  We moved here and found our best pastor and most wonderful congregation ever!”

Pastor David is the BEST PASTOR EVER! Explains so I can leave church really learning how the verse plays a role in my everyday LIFE!!

Heaven can wait! Thank you for helping us appreciate and understand our spiritual journey to life everlasting. In the name of our Lord, you are forgiven

Pastor David has taught us so much in our short time at Bethlehem. Like how God loves motorcyclists. And thankfully, the Lord doesn’t ride a Harley. You’re the best!

I love you like a brother!  You have made me want to come to church.  I enjoy the message you share each week, and it just feels right to start a new week with a positive outlook.  I actually listen to your sermons, which I didn’t do very much before, and I take away something that I feel is meaningful to me.  You have helped me to grow as a Christian which is an exciting journey.  I think I called myself a Christian before, but I truly wasn’t.  I feel happy when I leave church and you are a major reason for that.  Your message each Sunday and your humorous anecdotes starts my week off a in a joyful positive way.  Thanks, my dear friend.

We love David because he is down to earth and approachable. He welcomes everyone into the church. His sermons are moving and speak to the congregation in a loving and nonjudgmental way. He’s the best!

David is always available with words of wisdom.

Pastor David is much more than simply our minister who preaches a sermon on Sundays. He is a friend who passionately encourages and motivates us to follow Christ and to extend love and friendship to all. He reminds us that we are loved, and we feel Christ’s love each time we shake David’s hand.

David, has taken in a lost sheep in me, by his thoughtfulness and caring. I can’t express how grateful I am for his thoughtfulness , starting almost 4 years back when I lost my wife, God Bless and thank you David.

David makes everyone feel they have just stepped into their living room and has a welcome like it was Jesus himself that has entered the church.

Pastor Lord is the most caring person! He definitely chose the right profession!

He says the most meaningful prayers especially when he’s praying face-to-face with you. The prayers give you what you need.

Words cannot express the love and appreciation I have for our Pastor, David. He has helped and comforted my entire family this past year through an extremely sad time. A true friend as well as a wonderful Pastor.

David is a gentle man; kind, compassionate, and sincere.

Biblically based, his sermons easily relate to everyday life with just the right amount of wit!

We love David because he is God-loving, grace-filled, non-judgmental, kind, caring, AVAILABLE, friendly, comforting, humorous and the best pastor we’ve ever had!

Thank you, David!  You have made such a difference in our lives and the lives of those in our community through your leadership. Love you!

I love David because David struggles to know God better, just as we do. He shares from his heart and doesn’t presume to know all the answers.

I found Pastor David to be the most devoted pastor I have ever met. He challenged me to understand how I could have a more personal relationship with the Lord.

To Pastor David and Cheryl for the attention and prayers given us. Our son’s funeral in Pa. was “above and beyond”!

We love David because we believe he genuinely loves us and sincerely cares for us.

Many thanks Pastor David for the welcome feeling I have experienced since my transition to Bethlehem UMC and your sermons.

David Lord: The first to show concern, compassion, caring, and grace for all those around him; especially those troubled with great grief, sickness and loss.

We love Pastor David because he is so humble. With every stellar characteristic in the human psyche alive and well in David, he remains simply a man of the cloth driven to shepherd his flock in every good way. Reminiscent of the humble pastor in Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales,” David adheres to what is true and important and real in God’s kingdom while so many other so-called religious leaders lead THEIR flocks astray. Thanks and eternal gratitude to David and, always, to Cheryl as an invaluable part of the pastoral team.

I love Pastor David because he truly has encouraged us all to pray each day for Christ’s intervention throughout each day’s blessings and trials.
I have often wondered how anyone goes about shepherding a congregation in the way of the Lord, a daunting responsibility. This cannot be done adequately without personal soul searching, much patience, humor, and most of all, love. David, I have watched you shepherd your flock very adeptly over the past several years, I know for a fact how highly you are thought of and loved by those in your congregation. Thank you for always being there for me and my family.

Gentleness, as described in one of David’s recent sermons, comes to mind immediately. In addition to all his other wonderful qualities, his gentleness resonates in all he does.

The Lord is in His House
He’s gentle, he’s kind
He’s thoughtful with a good mind
He smiles and he giggles
He is good with children who have the wiggles!

Pastor Lord is the man
Who provides leadership and forward sight
He actually partners with the Top Guy
And to His words brings a shining light.

He guides us in His footsteps
Serving as an exemplar
And for that we all appreciate
Him as a model as well as his candor.

Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts
We hope to learn from you for many years more.
And if we forget to tell you ever
Just reread these words knowing we mean them from our very core.

Why do we love David? What’s not to love!!! He is the kindest, most caring minister I have ever met. Truly a friend and inspiration.

We were grateful and impressed that David would take the time to visit us in our home after we visited the church.

I love David because “he’s like a comic ninja:  his humor can sometimes come out of nowhere and strike!”


David, we love your sermons as you relate them to today’s life.  Your humor is also much appreciated.  You’ve lead us through the years and we’ve all grown from it.  Thank you so much for being our Pastor!


We thank God everyday for bringing you to Bethlehem. Your sermons are amazing and we always leave on Sundays feeling great. You have made our church a family. You have introduced prayer and the Bible as a daily activity. Bethlehem has become a church of missions under your direction. Not only are you a great pastor but you are funny and a friend. We are so blessed to have you.