Society of St. Andrew Potato Drop

Potato Drop @ BUMC

Help us at our potato drop for the Society of St. Andrew on Saturday, May 18th, beginning at 8:30 AM (see sign up below)Work will include bagging potatoes, sorting for pickup by non-profits and helping to load pickup vehicles.  Volunteers of all ages are encouraged to come and be part of this experience of helping to provide food to our nation’s hungry.

We will salvage potatoes that are rejected by commercial markets or potato chip factories due to slight imperfections in size, shape, sugar content, or surface blemishes.

Usually, these rejected loads end up at local landfills. Through the Potato and Produce Project, the Society of St. Andrew is able to redirect these 40,000-45,000-pound loads of fresh, nutritious produce to food banks, soup kitchens, food pantries, low income housing areas, local churches, and other hunger agencies for distribution to the poor. In 2018, their Potato and Produce Project collected and distributed 6,848,020 pounds of fresh produce.

Because this produce is donated  the Society of St. Andrew pays only for the transportation* and packaging of the food—an amazingly low 9 cents per pound! That means we can provide food  for about 3 cents per serving!


*We will also be supporting the cost of the freight of getting the potatoes here, which is $2500.  Checks can be made to BUMC and add Potato Drop in the memo line.

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