Spiritual Steel Drums 2019

Spiritual Steel, a Roanoke-based steel drum ensemble providing inspiring, joyful music praising God and celebrating our faith together.

Spiritual Steel is a group called to worship God through Caribbean-style steel drum music that includes hymns, spirituals and gospel pieces as well as celebration music.
Delilah and Richard Rudolph, music teachers in Roanoke, learned about steel drums 18 years ago. They attended a workshop given by Ellie Mannette who brought the music with him from Trinidad to the U.S. 
Mannette began building concert quality steel drums in West Virginia and promoted its music enthusiastically. The Rudolph’s became enamored by it’s rhythmic quality and saw it as a unique way to use their musical talents to honor and worship God. They purchased a couple of steel drums from Mannette and began playing with the chorus at their church in Roanoke.
Gradually others were drawn by the music, leading the Rudolphs to invest their savings and retirement funds to purchase enough steel drums for a worship orchestra.
You may have attended one of the several steel drum groups performing popular music around Smith Mountain Lake, usually as a charity fund raiser. 
To date, there is only one Spiritual Steel group in the Roanoke area.

Come to Bethlehem and hear them play in a SPECIAL Spiritual Steel Worship Service…..August 4th @ 4 p.m.