Stations Of The Cross


1st   Jesus is Condemned to Death

We remember the over 60 million people condemned to death this past century as victims of racism, tribalism, and nationalism.

2nd  Jesus takes up the cross

We remember half the world’s population who daily take up the cross of deep poverty due to economic injustices.

3rd   Jesus falls for the first time

We remember those who have fallen ill due to the lack of health care as a human right.

4th   Jesus meets his mother

We remember all mothers and fathers who grieve over the impact of secularism and narcissism on their children.

5th  Simon helps Jesus carry his cross

We remember those who engage in solidarity to empower others to transform our world for the common good.

6th  Veronica wipes Jesus’ face

We remember those who wipe the faces of the brokenhearted with their tears, prayers, empathy, time, and generosity.

7th  Jesus falls for the second time

We remember those made vulnerable in life by addictions, alienation, and abandonment.

8th  Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem

We remember all who comfort and strengthen others with agape love, a listening heart, and a cry for justice.

9th  Jesus falls for the third time

We remember the mercy of God for those whose life situations are so violent and catastrophic that they are bereft of any hope.

10th  Jesus is stripped of his clothing

We remember those who are stripped of their dignity due to slavery and human trafficking.

11th  Jesus is nailed to the cross

We remember those whose lives are riddled with environmental calamities and frequent wars.

12th  Jesus dies on the cross

We remember all those who have died due to genocide, torture, forced migration, and starvation.

13th  Jesus is taken down from the cross

We remember in our hearts our loved ones whose God-centered lives shine as a lasting inspiration.

14th  Resurrection

We remember that through Jesus’ resurrection, good triumphs over evil and light overcomes darkness.