Terrific Two’s

Age: 2 years
Day/Time: Monday and Wednesday, 9-11:30 a.m.
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Class size: 10 children
The Terrific Two’s program encourages:
• Fine motor eye-hand coordination
• Manipulative activities that enhance problem solving abilities
• Free play activities to enhance social, pretend and language development

Incorporated throughout the program are:
• Art activities encompassing painting, use of scissors, drawing with a variety of tools, glue and use of a variety of materials
• Water play, matching and sorting activities, puzzles, eye-hand coordination activities (stacking, sorting, matching, blocks, etc.)
• Games and song activities using colors, shapes, following one and two step directions, concept building
• Sharing, turn taking, problem solving and interactive play

Fees: Tuition is $85 per month. Registration fee is $75; after May 15th fee is $100. Reduced Registration and monthly tuition for second or more child(ren).

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