Terrific Two’s

Children love singing songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” to strengthen gross motor skills, as well as improving listening skills and following directions.

Age: 2 years by September 30th
Day/Time: Monday and Wednesday, 9:00am -12:00pm
Class size: 10 children, with a Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher

The Terrific Two’s program:
• Fosters a sustaining relationship with God
• Assists each child to play cooperatively with other children and groups
• Provides for self-discovery learning at each child’s pace
• Develops language skills
• Develops acceptable means of expressing emotions
• Improves motor coordination through physical activity
• Encourages children to initiate, perform and complete activities
• Increases awareness of the world around them through hands-on learning
• Provides a safe and nurturing environment for growth & development and prepares them for the next stage of preschool

Incorporated throughout the program are:
• Art activities encompassing painting and drawing with a variety of tools, use of scissors, use of glue and a variety of other materials
• Matching and sorting activities, puzzles, sensory play, fine motor and gross motor activities to improve muscle coordination (stacking, sorting, matching, blocks, etc.),

• Music, movement, and activities using colors, shapes, letters, counting, following one and two step directions, concept building
• Sharing, turn taking, problem solving and interactive play with their peers

Fees: Tuition is $95 per month. Registration fee is $100 ($75 if paid by March 1st). Reduced registration fee and monthly tuition for second or more child(ren).

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Terrific Two’s Class’ Lead Teacher, Joy Bowles
came to Bethlehem United Methodist Preschool, after being at Heritage United Methodist Preschool for 22 years. She served as Lead Teacher for their three and four year old children for the past 12 years, as well as their Children’s Program Director for 10 years prior to that. She loves to create a loving, spiritual place where a child’s natural curiosity to learn is encouraged and applauded. She is the Lead Teacher for the Terrific Two’s at Bethlehem, as well as Lead Enrichment Teacher for Pre-K.


Terrific Two’s Class’ Assistant Teacher, Stacy Bresson graduated from Lynchburg College and majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Special  Education.  Throughout college she volunteered with Special Olympics.  She also works part time as a caregiver for an adorable three year old with Down Syndrome since his birth.  Watching him grow mentally and educationally has inspired her to have a passion working with young children in a preschool setting. Miss Bresson gives individual care and attention to all of her students, depending on what the need is each day.