Terrific Two’s

Age: 2 years
Day/Time: Monday and Wednesday, 9-12:00 noon.

Class size: 10 children
The Terrific Two’s program encourages:
• Fine motor eye-hand coordination
• Manipulative activities that enhance problem solving abilities
• Free play activities to enhance social, pretend and language development

Incorporated throughout the program are:
• Art activities encompassing painting, use of scissors, drawing with a variety of tools, glue and use of a variety of materials
• Water play, matching and sorting activities, puzzles, eye-hand coordination activities (stacking, sorting, matching, blocks, etc.)
• Games and song activities using colors, shapes, following one and two step directions, concept building
• Sharing, turn taking, problem solving and interactive play

Fees: Tuition is $85 per month. Registration fee is $75; after May 15th fee is $100. Reduced Registration and monthly tuition for second or more child(ren).

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Terrific Two’s Class’ Lead Teacher Tricia Wilkens 
has a teaching credential in Early Childhood from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and a Child Development Associate (CDEA).  She has been teaching Early Childhood Education for over 20 years.  Tricia creates a warm and positive classroom, promotes friendship among her students, and loves creative art experiences.  She also served on the Preschool Council for Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Haymarket, VA.


Terrific Two’s Class’ Assistant Teacher Stacy Bresson  graduated from Lynchburg College and majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Special  Education.  Throughout college she volunteered with Special Olympics.  She has also worked part time as a caregiver for an adorable 3 year old with Down Syndrome since his birth.  Watching him grow mentally and educationally inspired her to have a passion working with young children  in a preschool setting.