The Walk by Adam Hamilton

      Join us as we focus on five essential spiritual practices that are rooted in Jesus’ own walk with God. Deepen your walk with Christ as we explore five essential practices of (1) WORSHIP AND PRAYER, (2) STUDY, (3) SERVE, (4) GIVE, and (5) SHARE. Each of these practices is part of our daily walk with Christ and an essential part of growing together in the church.


THE WALK will be presented twice a week via ZOOM during the Lenten season. Kurt Schoenberg will facilitate a class each Sunday at 5:00 pm, February 21- March 28. Randy and Becky Camden will facilitate a class each Thursday at 5:00 pm, February 25 – April 1. Email Bill Hamilton to sign up for a class. Please indicate in your email which class you wish to enroll in.


A DVD which covers the information presented in the book will be used in the class. Therefore, books are not necessary but may be purchased online if desired. There are a limited number of copies at church which may be borrowed or purchased for $14 optional donation. See you in class!