Thrilling Three’s

Age : 3 years old
Day/Time: Tuesday and Thursday 9-noon
Teachers listed under Staff
Class size: 12 children

The curriculum supports the Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Comprehensive Standards for four-year–olds by preparing them for their preschool year.

The Thrilling Three’s program encourages:
• Listening and communication skills
• Fine and gross motor skill development
• Development of social skills
• Music and art appreciation
• Colors, shapes, numbers and letter recognition
• Name recognition

Incorporated throughout the program are :
• Music and art activities
• Sensory activities
• Science exploration
• Colors, shapes, numbers and letters
• Chapel time as well as a daily Bible story

Fees: tuition is $95 per month. Registration fee is $75; after May 15th fee is $100. Reduced Registration and monthly tuition for second or more child(ren).

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