WW Small Groups for January, 2021

Mark your Calendar – Starts January 11, 2021

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Everyone is invited to join in 12 weeks of fellowship, discussion and study.  Each of the small groups will be virtual using Zoom. These 5 small groups will provide interesting and thought provoking studies for adults. Invite a friend to join you!

                                                                                 Exciting Offerings for this Virtual Winter Session

                                                                              Groups on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday!

Alpha:  If you have ever wanted to ask some of the big questions of life in an open, informal and honest space without judgment? Then try Alpha.  The Alpha Course offers of variety of talks on the big issues around faith, designed to engage guests and inspire conversation.  Who is Jesus?  How can I have faith? How do I make the most of the rest of my life?  These are some of the topics explored.  Curious?  Try Alpha.
Facilitator:  David Lord, Wednesdays, 7-8 PM     No book required

What Every Church Member Should Know about PovertyWith open minds and hearts, intentional churches are trying to welcome diverse members of their communities. This workshop will focus on the complexities of poverty in an effort to understand its dynamics and how such understanding can sharpen awareness of what we bring to relationships. Perhaps, then, we can examine our church practices, challenge our own perspectives, and construct a truly embracing community.
Facilitator: Rusty MacMullan, Monday, 7-8 PM    Book- Pickup Church office

Rising Strong: How the Ability to Reset Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead, by Brené Brown.  Whether you access the sacred through traditional worship, solitary meditation, communion with nature, or creative pursuits, one thing is clear: cultivating your own approach to spirituality gives you an irreplaceable resource to help you persevere through hard times and arise stronger and wiser than before. In her book, Brené offers an in-depth exploration of this key aspect of wholehearted living, including the spiritual dimension, a sense of belonging, why spiritual practice helps us find meaning and purpose, and asks us the question “Are we doing the best we can”?
Facilitator: Susan Hughes, Monday, 7-8 PM     Order book online at Amazon.

Three Months with Matthew:  A study and adventure into Matthew’s gospel, to better understand what this Gospel writer was trying to tell us about Jesus, and how to apply His teachings to our lives today.  A unique experience of daily meditations, thought provoking questions and a video portrayal of a charismatic Jesus. Facilitator: Lynda Imire, Tuesdays, 7-8 PM    Book – Pickup Church Office

Faith Lessons:  Volume 15 “A Clash of Kingdoms and Volume 16 “Cultures in Conflict”. Paul proclaims Jesus as Lord.  Join Paul as we visit Philippi, Delphia, Thessaloniki, Athens, and Corinth in Macedonia in one more step in God’s plan to redeem the broken world. Paul’s journey through these great Roman cities shows his commitment to God’s call on his life as a continuation of the mission God Gave Israel. Join Ray Vander Laan as we walk the ancient trade rout call the Via Egnatia that Paul walked.  Filmed on site.
Facilitator:  Terry Broadwater, Thursdays, 7-8 PM       Book – Pick up Church office

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