BUMC CPR & First Aid Training


You may see this symbol on the name badge of church members.   It is the international recognized symbol for first aid.  These members have completed the CPR/First Aid training class sponsored by our Security & Safety Ministry.  The training is provided at no cost and only ask that those completing the training be willing to serve as a “go to person” should we have  a medical event at BUMC.  Please congratulate the following for their willingness to serve in this important ministry.

Donna Broomall                                                    David Lord

Becky & Randy Camden                                      Carol & Rusty MacMullan

Nelson Cline                                                           Jackie & Tom McKeown

Gavin Hager                                                           Randi & Al Paul

Lynda Imirie                                                          Mary & Kurt Schoenberg

Karen Jeffery                                                         Ann Marie Smith

Hollie & Larry Kalp                                              Dick Ungerer

If you would like to attend a CPR/First Aid training class please contact any member of the Safety & Security Ministry committee:

Kurt Elmer                                           Larry Kalp

Lisa Faist                                              Gary Wiggins

Ron Fazler                                           Travis Witt

Thank you.

Harry Simmerman