Green Team

Bethlehem’s Green Team received the Green Church Award from the Caretakers of Creation of the Virginia Conference at the Conference Meeting on Saturday, June 22, in Roanoke.



Shortly after formation, the Green Team was designated a ministry area, entered a Green Church Initiative Covenant and has been seeking to make positive changes in our world.

Our goals are:

*To guide the ministries of the Church to embrace an earth-friendly focus in their planned programs/activities.

*Reduce the carbon footprint of the Church by assessing its use of energy, lighting, water and other resources.

*Encourage recycling in all areas of the Church and at home (recycling containers are placed throughout the church for paper, glass and plastics; and we seek to educate members on what is and isn’t recyclable)

*Offer special events during the year highlighting the beauty of God’s creation and ways to be better caretakers of it.  As an example for the past three years, The Green Team has held a shredding event in March for the community.

*Contribute ideas and information regularly to the Church newsletter, the STAR.


March 2019 shredding event
March 2019 shredding event