Wonderful Wednesdays

January 10- April 17
14 Weeks

(No class April 3)


Everyone young and old is invited to join in 14 weeks of fun, fellowship, discussion, and study. Enjoy a light meal (voluntary donation) served promptly at 5:50 PM, followed by music, prayer, and small group classes for adults and children beginning at 6:30. Nursery provided. Come and join in the fun!

Winter 2024 Courses

A Life Worth Living- 9 weeks: This course is based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Each class explains how it is possible to live the Christian life positively, practically, and joyfully. The study is designed to be used as follow-up to the Alpha course yet it is not a prerequisite. It examines the changed life of a Christian. Chapters include: New Heart; New Purpose; New Attitude; New Responsibilities; New Friendships; New Confidence; New Ambitions; New resources; and new Generosity. Facilitator: Karen Carter 

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World- 12 weeks: We all know the difficulties that are encountered in raising children. This is a class for anyone that plays a part in the raising of children/grandchildren. We will be utilizing a book entitled “Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World: How One Family Learned That Saying No Can Lead to Life’s Biggest Yes”. It will be a chance for the group to study, share, and support each other in raising children in a Christian environment. Facilitators: Bill Wandrack & Maegan Mitchell

Making Sense of the Bible- 12 weeks: Rev. Adam Hamilton’s book, Making Sense of the Bible, invites us to have an honest conversation about the Bible. It begins with foundational questions such as: How and when was the Bible written?; who decided what books to include in the scriptures and why?; and how literally must we read it? We will also tackle current hot button and divisive issues. We anticipate this being an open and conversational study, respecting everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Facilitator: Chuck Greif

Beyond The Broken Heart- 12 weeks (Note: 4:30-5:45): How does the heart understand grief when it is broken by the loss of a loved one? We who grieve search for answers. In this small group, the author, Julie Yarbrough, combines her personal experience with a love for scripture to create authentic and personal exploration of the grief process. Facilitator: Randy Camden

Men’s “Fellaship” Small Group: Fellaship will continue and is always welcoming to men. This small group will be informal and have a flexible agenda based on the interests and availability of our group (in person and virtual meetings anticipated). The group will study scripture and perhaps take on a mission project. Most importantly, we meet weekly to discuss life’s challenges living the life of a Christian today while enjoying each other’s company. Facilitator: Ryan Tinsley

Getting Ahead (14 weeks): BUMC is partnering with Lake Christian Ministries to offer “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World”. This course is designed for those struggling to make ends meet, living in unstable and stressful situations, and who are looking to build resources that will enable them to make the changes in their lives that they desire. An application process is required, email Susan Hughes susieqhughes@gmail.com for an application. Facilitator: Susan Hughes

Children & Youth classes will be offered during this time.
Please sign-up your children and/or youth. Bring a friend!


Youth: Students grades 6-12th:
Led by: TBD & Frank Nelson

Elementary– Students grades 2-5th: Children gather to learn about the love of God. Led By : TBD

Pre-K-1st Grade: Children will learn about the love of God and how God is at work in our world through Bible stories, crafts, games, and lots of fun! Led by : TBD

Nursery: Will be provided for 0 – 2 years.
Led by: Amber Scott

Questions can be directed to Bethlehem’s office 540-297-7957 or email rca9956@aol.com