Privacy Policy

Welcome to Bethlehem United Methodist Church, Moneta, VA, as (BUMC). The privacy of our visitors is a high priority. This Privacy Policy document contains the types of information collected and recorded by BUMC and how it is used.

If you have additional questions, or require specific information about our Privacy Policy, please contact the office by calling 540.297.7957

Tracking logs

BUMC follows a standard procedure of collecting analytical data. This data logs visitors as they visit and browse websites. All hosting services do this and is part of hosting services’ analytics. Additionally, analytical information is collected via Google Analytics and Bing Webmater Tools. The information collected includes: internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), time spent browsing, referring/exit pages, and possibly number of clicks. This data collected cannot be linked to any information that is personally identifiable. The information is used for analyzing trends, tracking movement on the site, and demographic information.

Advertising – Tracking Policies

BUMC does not use advertisements at this time. Please note that other sites may use tracking cookies, Javascript, or Web Beacons to track movement to this site, and movement afterward. Please understand BUMC has no access to, or control over, these cookies that are used by third–parties.

Third Party Privacy Policies

BUMC‘s Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites. We advise you to investigate the respective Privacy Policies of third-parties for more detailed, and opt-out, information if necessary.

Cookies may be disabled in your browser. You can find this information by visiting the download site of your respective browser, or searching “turn off cookies” and/or “what are cookies?” Please note : some web features may not fully function as intended, or may not function at all with cookies turned off, in certain situations.

Registration for events at BUMC

Registering with BUMC to attend Wonderful Wednesdays (WW), Vacation Bible School (VBS) will require information necessary for instructors to have the required amount of material (study materials, space/seating, & potentially food). Your information, for both WW & VBS, will be copied to the office and event coordinators, and forwarded to the individual instructors. Event coordinators and class instructors can, and do, vary from session to session. The information is stored on the website server for approximately one week after sessions begin before being deleted. Contact the office to confirm your information has been deleted from the website if you have any concerns. This applies only to the website channel used for registration. Information collected elsewhere will be handled differently, outside of the control of the website committee.

Preschool (PS) registrations (including “request more info”) are directed to the Preschool director and people involved in the PS department, and copied to the office. The information collected in the registration is used by the PS department. It is subsequently deleted from the website servers.

Preschool payments :

1) Processing the payment (PS services using the “store”) through PayPal requires information to be transferred to PayPal to complete the transaction. By using the store and paying via the online store, you authorize the payment processors to transfer your data to PayPal for completion of the transaction. The payment information is not visible to anyone working with the website, and funds are deposited into the PS account (minus transaction fees), operated by BUMC accounting. User payment information (banking information) is entered and completed, on PayPal servers. Accounting holds information about the user’s transaction (name, amount paid, which item/service) for a period of eight (8) weeks on the website server. Offline, this information may be held for a longer period of time as accounting records deem necessary. The website committee makes the store available for the convenience of payments by parents of PS students. BUMC and/or the website committee cannot take responsibility for the misuse, or unintended consequences of using the store. Every effort will be made to insure the store functions as intended, and is free of bugs.

2) Processing payments via PS Tuition Page link from the website. Users can make direct payments via this PayPal service (requiring a PayPal account) using instructions and dollar amounts (including transaction fees) posted on the tuition page. The payment is processed outside of the “store”. The only information visible to accounting is the amount paid and the user that initiated the transaction. Please add notes to these transactions for proper accountability when possible. The website committee has no control over this transaction, or process. The website links to PayPal only. The transaction using this link is handled completely on PayPal servers.

Children’s Information

BUMC does collect Personal and Identifiable Information from children under 13 years of age via registration for events, including Vacation Bible School, Wonderful Wednesday Youth, & Preschool. This information is treated as mentioned above.

Registration for events not hosted by BUMC

From time to time, BUMC may partner with, or co–host, an event. In which case, you & your information will be subject to the 3rd parties’ policies, as mentioned in the section “Third Party Privacy Policies”.

Online Only Privacy Policy

This Policy applies to our online activities only, with regards to the information that is shared and/or collected on BUMC‘s site. This policy does not apply to any information exchanged offline or through any other channels than this website.

BUMC does not share, or sell, any information collected on this site for any purposes.


By using our website, you consent to our Privacy Policy.

These policies may change without notice.