Outdoor Classroom Environment

Our Outdoor Classroom Environment:

We love the sunshine and fresh air. It is healthy to be outside while gardening, walking and exploring God’s creations in nature.

The children love to observe, explore, investigate, and experience all about the world around them. They are able to use all 5 of their senses

  • watching and looking at all of God’s amazing creations in the world of nature,
  • touching and feeling things for different textures,
  • listening to all kinds of sounds around them,
  • smelling all of outdoor fragrances, and even
  • tasting things they have grown from seeds in our gardens.

Outdoors we are fortunate to have a raised bed garden area, container gardens, sensory gardens, a prayer walk, a large stage, mud kitchens, a construction and building platform, a large bike path, outdoor reading areas and more centers for learning science, math, literacy, prayer, and nature in the world.

Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that grow forever……and we take pride in planting those seeds and watching them grow in our children.

children in woodworking platform children in circle